This game is not a finished product.

W,A,S,D to move and left mouse click to shoot. Mouse click to go through the comics. Esc to pause and C to change weapons. E to melee. Mouse scroll to zoom out (after gaining the monocle).

Last week I got the animations to stop characters from flipping upside down. This week added shadows and stopped enemies from overlapping. 10/26/2015 update; Didn't really add anything. Just changed some behaviors in preparation for future updates.

11/1/2015 update; Added pause menu (Esc), and music. Also changed the gunshot sound.

11/10/2015 update; Added ammo.

11/13/2015; Added an extremely basic healthbar, melee (press E, and point with mouse), and some healthplants that restore health. Also reduced the amount of ammo spawned to make the game more challenging. Brutal even ;-)

11/22/2015 update; Initial comic, zoom out (scroll mouse wheel) after acquiring the monocle. Balanced the game so it's playable (difficulty wise). *Edit - Someone said it was still too hard so made it easier... I think. Plus made the mouse click advance through the comic.

Published Oct 18, 2015
Made withConstruct
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Good idea, killing "anarcho"-commies, perhaps their order doesn't allow them to create assault rifles. But do they have any order or are they just social parasites who destroy everything nearby?

The game is in a very early stage right now. The "anarcho"-commies are not going to be the only anarchists in the game and all the different anarchists will behave according to their beliefs. So obviously commies are social parasites who destroy everything.